For the new school year, the $AVE$ Program will embark on a new journey unlike anything that it has accomplished in the past. This year, students will be paired into teams each month whereby they will analyze a personal finance client case study created by Rutgers University. Within each case study, students will be expected to demonstrate their learning by:
  • identifying the client's financial problems.
  • providing a discussion of the strengths & weaknesses of their client's financial situation.
  • correcting any misinformation that the client has about financial topics.
  • preparing personal financial statements that analyze the client's cash flow, assets, liabilities & net worth.
  • determining the savings needed for the client to reach their financial goals.
  • recommending ideas that the client could implement to improve their financial situation (i.e. - bank accounts, insurance policies, mutual funds, different investment alternatives, etc.). 
  • providing any additional information that they feel will benefit the client. The ultimate objective for each group is to provide a solution to the client's financial problem. 
Reference materials should be used to support each group's ideas and information. This can be done through the use of internal documentation and a works cited.