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Closing Costs Explained
Group Magazine Project Research Link: How to Buy A House
Within this website, students will need to read the following articles:
1. The Basics
2. How much home can you afford?
3. The Monthly Payment
4. The Down Payment
5. The Loan
    Assuming a Loan
    Owner Financing
6. Qualifying for a loan
7. Understand Closing Costs
8. Get your finances in order
9. Check Your Credit Report
9a. Repair Bad Credit
9b. Establish Credit if you don't have any
10. Find a Lender
11. Evaluate the bank's offer
12. Decide whether to use an agent
13. Learn about the suburb penalty
14. Start looking at houses
15. Get the Disclosure
16. Make an Offer
17. Have the House Inspected
18. Problems on the Inspection?
19. Renegotiate the terms
20. Appraisal & Insurance
21. Closing! 
22. How much loan can you get?
23. 15- vs. 30-year loans
24. Prepaying your mortgage
25. How to Figure Interest on Mortgage Loans 
26. Private Mortgage Insurance
27. Paying Points
28.  Renting vs. Buying: Which is better?
29.  Glossary of Real Estate Terms *Used for the Quizlet activity 
30.  The Debt Ratio
These articles constitute the assigned reading for this unit & magazine group project.  
Home Study Guide - ./Home Unit Study Guide.doc
Discount Points... What should you do? - ./LIFES CALLING AGAIN.doc
Tax Millage Example - ./HOME TAX MILLAGE.xlsx