Average Daily Balance Spreadsheet - ./Average Daily Balance 97-2003.xls
Don't Get Caught in the Credit Trap - ./Credit Trap Presentation.ppt
My FICO Booklet - ./myFICO_UYFS_Booklet.pdf
AnnualCreditReport.com Website - https://www.annualcreditreport.com/index.action
AnnualCreditReport.com Video -
Understanding the Cost of Credit and Your Minimum Payment - http://care4yourfuture.org/understanding-cost-credit-and-your-minimum-payment
Taking Control of Your Credit Video
Saturday Night Live Debt Skit
CARE Credit & Loan Jeopacardy Game - ./CARE--Jeopacardy for Glenbrook North.ppt
Consumer.Gov Credit Video http://bcove.me/nc9n47v7